Etiquetas: e red dot sight, rifle arma, ar15 m4, gran rifle de alcance, punto rojo aimpoint, simulacro de supresor de, alcance, riflescope hakko, rifl alcance, colimador eotech.

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  • Peso: 63g
  • Altura: 117m m
  • Ancho: 55mm
  • La función: Punto Rojo
  • Número De Modelo: NINGUNO
  • Tipo de: RIFLE

11mm la Caza de Ferrocarril Riflescope de Airsoft Punto Rojo Holográfica Vista al aire libre Alcance de la lente Accesorios de Armas

Especificaciones: La primera mitad es de plástico de ingeniería, la base es de metal.La ranura de la tarjeta: 11mm ( Adecuado para 11mm ) Altura: 55 mm, Longitud: 117 mm Peso: 63g -Batería:CR2032 3V lista de producto: 1*Riflescope

Jelena 1
The item came very quickly and is as described I highly recommend them.
Very good!! Arrived well packaged and am satisfied!!
Natalya Lukina 57
It is working well. I strongly recommand this seller. seller is super kind. almost real time answers provided. delivery time was fast. not bad for ali shipping time. That is great service! There are a lot of brands that, even when their products are under warranty, require customers to pay for shipping and handling if repairs or servicing are needed. Which is not totally unfair. And also exactly what makes his generosity stand out even more. The fact that they are willing to pocket the minor costs signals to their customers that when they purchase an item from this company, they are getting more than they pay for. They are not just getting a rugged new one, but also peace of mind and reassurance that they are taken care of should something happen.

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